Bravo Travis!  Great job...did you copyright it?  Lol...
Would love to use in some shape or form next year!

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I wrote this about National Medical Librarians Month for our library's college of nursing's newsletter. Not the finest example of prose but it gets the message across about how I at least feel about medical librarianship.

        Behind the scene of every successful healthcare team is information. The month of October is designated as National Medical Librarians Month-a month to bring awareness to the contributions made by librarians to all healthcare organizations.
        In today's healthcare world healthcare professionals are more than ever under pressure to keep their knowledge base current. Medical librarians, specialists in the field of health information, sit at the crossroads between information and practice providing the essential services needed by all healthcare professionals to navigate through the ever expanding health science knowledge base.
        Medical librarians support the healthcare team by working tirelessly to select essential online and print resources to meet their institutions medical and nursing point-of-care, research, and education needs. To support practice at the point-of-care, medical librarians provide education and instruction to the healthcare team on how to effectively and efficiently take advantage of online point-of-care and research tools to provide the best care possible to all patients seeking treatment and care.
        Medical librarians also provide research support services to the healthcare team by conducting literature searches using their subject knowledge and experience to sift through the mountains of information available on any particular condition or disease facilitating the healthcare professional to provide the most advanced treatment and care available.
        Although not a visible member of the healthcare team, medical librarians provide the access and support to the information needed to develop the policies, procedures, and practices that reduce unnecessary tests and procedures, hospital stays and admissions, and hospital acquired infections thereby improving the bottom line of any healthcare organization. These are just a few of the benefits professional library services provide to a health care system. As National Medical Librarians Month reminds us, librarians play a key role in any medical center and in the delivery of high quality healthcare.

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