Looks like a nor'easter on the way, so all you people chompin at the bit may get to slide on some form of frosty substance. I'm planning on Killington next Sunday and Monday. I expect Saturday to be a zoo, so I am going to hold out for Sunday and I have Monday off. Don't forget the 2 for 1 coupon.

On Friday, November 2, 2012, Dana Dorsett wrote:
Patrick Haskell writes:

>Still, it's the first stoke of the year and enough to throw me into
full-blown withdrawal and
>say "I am ready for winter!"  (Guess I'll have to while away the time
blowing my ski budget on new gear.)

Hey, I resemble those comments! :-)

Having missed summer skiing for the second year in a row (sports-injuries
last year, inconveniently timed illness this year), I've got a major itch
going. My brother in the midwest has been emailing me with ski-nrop from a
guide outfit in the Wallowas trying to get me to commit, and I just
registered the reeb-league team this week, and now a WV stoke vidi!?! MERCY!

We have one open slot on the team roster looks for the moment like it won't
be filled by former teammate in rehab on his bad knees. If any Massholes
with single-digit or low double digit NASTAR handicaps are interested in
racing @ WaWa on Thursday nights with Matt Kulas & me, drop me a line
backchannel. If gender=F with prior year handicaps under 20 would also
considered, but we're already stocked with our share kinda-fast kinda-old
fossils like me- we're looking for somebody who can make team points on
racing talent instead.  :-)  (Patrick, has your team registered yet?)

I'm ready! The kick-wax has been scraped off the junk boards in anticipation
of the first heavy frost, but so far just been heavy-breathing, no
rime-icing in sight...


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