SkiVT-L Usage Update:

Please do not post original-content trip reports to the SkiVT-L listserv. In the future, please refrain from posting any and all stoke, regardless of format--prose, poetry, video, photography--directly to the List. Instead, cute-and-paste links to said stoke hosted on the ski forums and bulletin-boards listed below, preferably all of them. (Please feel free to contribute additional ski forums to this resource.)

Thank you for heeding this request and allowing us to focus our bandwidth on such pressing concerns as: Who joined in on the fun in Ranger Renson's latest ski dream? Will Aquanaut ever regain his Telemoniker? Who sucks more hind teat, RogerK, the List bard Justin Woods, or Ben 'Caveat Scorpio' K.? What will LASh try to sell to Skivittlers next? How many skis is PS mounting tonight? And, who has turned-off, insulted, and/or scar(r)ed more Skivittlers, M1, Leigh, or myself?

--Matt K.

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