Final reminder for the Eastern Snow & Avalanche Workshop this coming 
Saturday, November 10:

In addition to presenters from New England & the Daks, presenters are coming 
from the Sawtooths and Chic Chocs, for a total of a dozen different 
presentations – probably enough for a two-day event!

Registration opens at 7:30, and then the presentations start at 8:15, wrapping 
up at 4:30 with a short move over to IME for socializing and vendor displays.  
Throughout the day we’ll have raffles, with about 40 items ready to be loaded 
up (once I unpack from West Virginia...) from Shefftz Ski & Sports (i.e., my 
basement), plus a bunch of freebies at registration.

Given the big day and anticipated big attendance, preregistration is strongly 

And until then, just stay out of trouble, okay?
[Timberline ski area, West Virginia, on Saturday afternoon]
[North Branch “Correctional Institution” Supermax a little over an hour away on 
the drive back home the next afternoon]

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