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There is no question that avocational collections of Lepidoptera and other insects and invertebrates is necessary…without this we would have little if any
 real knowledge of the subject matter… 
Here’s another example of this need: 
Involves the recent discovery of a new Skipper species (which also belongs to a newly documented GENUS as well) from Jamaica…where it had been thought that
 the Lep Fauna was well known and documented… 
As Hank Brodkin (of SEABA) recently told us, “Lepsters, keep swinging those nets”…This was after watchers (and qualified ones) had misidentified a recently
 discovered high altitude colony of Rita Blues in the mountains north of Tucson… 

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Started as a butterfly discussion so, a forward of a dragonfly discussion isn't too farfetched. Kevin 

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I received this link from another list serve and thought is would be of

interest to the Odonata community. Collect or not to collect. That is 

the question. The response is a well reasoned argument that all should 

reflect on whether or not you collect Odonata and whether or not you 

think collecting Odonata has a place in the world.


Hal White

Newark, DE 


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