I am a member of FreeShare on Docline. Recently another FreeShare library
charged me for an article.

Is this acceptable?

My understanding is FreeShare libraries do not charge each other.

Below is the email conversation I had with the library (names left out).

Just wondering what people on the listserv think.

*Me*: Hi, I was wondering why you charged me for an article when I am a
member of FreeShare?


*Them: Because you are also a member of EFTS.*

*Me:* Your copy charges say you don't charge for FreeShare:  *Free
Reciprocal Interlibrary Loan Group - 0.00*


*Them:** We do charge EFTS libraries however.  There are a number of those
libraries that we have been charging for years, even if they happen to be
FreeShare also. If you donít want to be charged, donít mention EFTS on your
requests and donít put $11.00 as the amount youíre willing to pay.
Otherwise, take us out of your Docline cells.*
* *

* *

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