I'm trying to pull together a list of consortia that exist to help the public gain access to content, maybe through aggregator databases, maybe through publisher agreements.

For example, in Texas, we have the TexShare program (  Public libraries as well as certain categories of universities and colleges can be members, thereby giving them access to a really wonderful collection of aggregator databases with lots of FT content.  Also, as a University of Texas System school, I can participate in various publisher agreements thereby increasing access to journals that go beyond the scope of my subscriptions.  The general public can access these on a walk-in basis (there is no remote access for the general public though).

I'm more interested in the former type of program, the ones that expand access beyond an individual university system to pull in other universities and public libraries.  OhioLink is another program although I believe it's only for universities in Ohio.  I've heard there is something out in the Northwest as well as in Colorado-but I don't know what!

And I'm not talking about Docline-please, I don't need information about that particular program.

If your state has a consortium of this nature, could you please contact me off-list?  I'm more than happy to compile a list.


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