No, these are purely rumor! There are no trails at MRG that aren't on
the map; never have, never will. This kind of tomfoolery has been
going on for too long now, even resulting in efforts to draw up
"unofficial" trail maps that (thank dog!) were quashed before they
could temp the gullible into venturing off into Here There Be Dragons
land. Put it on a piece of wood and it makes it so? Octo...harrumph!

On a slightly more serious note: how long before some joker nails one
of these to a tree above the round orange "cliff area" signs?  

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Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Ed>.  "First I hafta apologize for not getting up to MRG for a few years. But I am on their mailing list for the MRG swag. And in this year's brochure along with the cashmere tee shirts, gold plated key rings, and silk neck ties they are selling "AUTHENTIC WOODEN TRAIL SIGNS". Listed in the brochure are Paradise, Fall Line, Creamery, etc; all trails I know. But it also shows signs for "3 CLIFFS" and "OCTO". I checked the trail map; they are not listed and I have never heard any lister including Ranger Renson refer to either trail. Before I fork over the $50-$90 to order one, I thought I'd check to see if they were legit. Otherwise I'm going for the 3 LEVEL SHOT GLASS. At $5 it appears to be the closest thing to a bargain."
> I got the same thing in the mail.  Those trails are beyond Paradise and as far as I know have never been on the map.  Next is Paradise Lost, then 3 cliffs, then Octopus's Garden.  There may be some others in there too.  Also names can morph with each generation of skiers, a generation being about 5 yrs.  I have been in there a little bit chasing grandsons, which I ought to have sense enough not to do.  :)
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