We have a researcher that wants to keep her PDFs organized in a way that
will allow her to tag the articles so that she can have the same article
in multiple folders (for different research projects). Since she may use
some of these articles for publication, it was suggested using "research
notes" or "term lists" in EndNote.

Furthermore, she would like to annotate the PDFs (maybe using iAnnotate)
and have those PDFs linked to her EndNote account so that every time she
adds an annotation, it will automatically update in her EndNote library.
This is not possible since the PDF is just an attachment and not linked to
any other program. I can't think of a program with all of these features,
can you?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

TL Herbert
Teri Lynn Herbert, MS, MLIS
Medical University of South Carolina Library
Public Services and Education
Reference Dept.

"We don't know how long good paper can last, because the oldest known
example is only 2000 years old."  --S. Berger