Hi Everyone! 
For some reason our listserv is down-so if this message is throwing you off because it is coming from me instead of Campus Kitchens....I am sorry to have you thrown! 
We have a couple of very important announcements for all of you! 
Shift sign up's for next month will be taking place at our MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP MEETINNNGGGG!! 
This months meeting will take place MONDAY JANUARY 28th and 7pm in Living Learning building A rm 102. If you have questions on how to find this building, email [log in to unmask] for some info.
These meeting (JANUARY 28th) will consist of a few important things;
a. Planning food summit!
b. Planning/advertising for our new fundraiser- Earth Day 5k!!
c. Shift sign ups!
d. Introduction to a NEW SHIFT! (Friday FEB 8th from 430-700)
e. Website information!

So come to Living Learning the last monday in january for a rocking time!
Also- We may be using this time to start setting up meeting times for those who already submitted applications for next years leadership team!!

Are you interested in building your resume? Being a club signer/coordinator/LEADER will be an amazing way to do so. I recommend that any current Freshmen/Sophomores think about this as well as our incoming Seniors! These positions really help to build leadership skills, marketing skills and communication skills which are all valuable things to know! However, we are receiving applications FAST so make sure you don't miss the deadline to submit yours! They are due FEB. 8th! Email them to ME (Membership coordinator: Katie) at [log in to unmask] or to [log in to unmask] If you are finished by the meeting you can bring it there as well!!!
Find your application on the new website:

ALSO! Volunteer for this month!

P.S. I am sorry I use so many !!!'s in my emails, bad habit I must admit. New Years Resolution: tone down the enthusiasm.