I hope this note finds you doing well. I'd like to introduce you 
to the Bulk BookStore
http://www.angelvisionmail.com/link.php?M=10322394&N=4900&L=288&F=T. We
work with 
schools across the country and offer exceptional service.  
You'll enjoy: 

Discounts starting at 32% off retail value.
Free ground shipping on all sized orders.
Access to over 3 million books in print (including the most popular books
for kids).
Better deals in bulk than Scholastic and Amazon.

I invite you to send me a list of the books that you need to 
purchase in bulk for the upcoming year. I'll get back to you with 
a no-obligation quote. Or... call me. I'm here to help and would 
love to make buying books an easier process for you. 

And... if there are others who are responsible for acquiring 
books, we invite you to pass this note along to them.

Thank you! 

PS - Here's what a recent educator had to share: 

"Working with the Bulk BookStore has greatly improved our book 
ordering process. It made our lives easier and helped us put more 
books into the hands of the children we serve in our district." 
- Acelero Learning Center 

Mike Williams 
Director of Client Services 
(877) 855-5956 

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