Hi David,
I've never used a Duo3 but as long as the power configuration is the same as
the 2.5 - it should be fine.  We've moved our pumps out of the Delta-V
cabinet since it tends to be a bit cramped in there and the pumps get pretty
hot.  Double check the dimensions to make sure the Duo3 will fit to allow
for cooling, head space for attachments, etc.


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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Duo 2.5 replacement on the Delta V

Dear List,


The Duo 2.5 roughing pump on my Delta V failed and I need a replacement.
Pfeiffer no longer sells that model.  Can I use their Duo 3?  Peiffer wasn't
sure if there were any modifications needed for use on the Delta V.




David Denhaan


Ames, IA

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