Hi Everyone,

I've been given a bunch of clay mineral standards (not isotopic  
standards) that I'd like to find good homes for.  The list of what I  
have is given below.  Could you please forward this Email on to any  
clay mineralogists you may know.  They should contact me directly if  
they are interested getting any, or all, of these standards.  Thank you.

Take care,

 From the Source Clay Minerals Repository:

KGa-1 and KGa-2 (Kaolinite)
SWa-1 (Ferrian smectite)
CCa-1 (Ripidolite)
SAz-1 (Montmorillonite)
P-F1-1 (Attapulgite)
SWY-1 (Na montmorillonite)
STx-1 (Ca montmorillonite)
SHCa-1 (Hectorite)
VTx-1 (Vermiculite)
Synthetic mica-montmorillonite

And from Wards's Natural Science:

Halloysite #12
Kaolinite #7
Montmorillonite (Bentonite)

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