Our company specializes in manufacturing accurate blends of gas mixtures.  We are seeking sources of the following pure gas products…


·         Isotopically characterized or purified materials, such as 13CH4, 13CD4, 14N2 (all 14N), H234S, etc.

o   High purity methane with a very low 13C content.

o   Higher hydrocarbons – C4s and C5s – with at least one 13C or one 12C in the molecule (location is not critical)

o   Hydrocarbons where the H content is depleted in D below normal levels, e.g., C1H4, etc

·         Capability of isotopic labeling or small-scale custom synthesis

o   Some of our adjusting materials may have to be made “from scratch”.  Can you share the names of custom manufacturers of such isotopic chemicals?

·         Capability of isotope ratio mass spectrometry analysis service to accurately determine delta values for the isotopes we are interested in

o   Ability to measure 34S / 32S mass ratios in gas samples is of particular interest.


Typically, gas purities of 99+% would suffice.  Quantities of gases are expected to be in the 1 to 5 standard liters range each.


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