There is a second "hidden" bungee that also wears out.  This is the bungee that causes the syringe guide to retract down.  If the syringe guide is stuck up, it doesn't make many friends in the lab, because it won't see the object, then beeps at you. To get at it, you actually have to take the autosampler apart a bit.  It takes a very small torx, T2 I  think, and you remove a thin sheet metal cover behind the syringe holder.  The panel covers a circuit board and the bungee.  First you want to power down the Pal, making the internals drop down for access.  You may see some adjustments for the needle guide and needle length here too.

I ended up getting 4mm bungee in bulk, $0.30/ft from "The original bungee company" .

Hope this snaps things back into shape for you,


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I note no one seems to have any suggestions on this problem. Did you try contacting the US dealer Leap Technologies

Their service engineers have been able to help me with most problems in the past.

Hope this helps,

Paul Brooks.

On 1/8/2013 10:00 PM, Laura Rosales Lagarde wrote:
Dear Isogeochem List,

We have been having problems with the post cleaning instruction of the PAL autosampler to inject water to the TC-EA. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any advice is welcomed.

The syringe gets pre-cleaned either with the water from vial 1 or from vial 2, then it injects the sample without problems but when trying to do the post cleaning it goes to the right location and then either the syringe guide goes partially down and retracts or does not go down at all, beeps and returns to home. This problem started being rare but now it happens almost in every injection. The syringe washes perfectly in vial 1 or 2 when it is send there manually. So it seems only the post-cleaning instruction has a problem.
Is there a way to re-install the software of the PAL to fix this instruction? The CTC Analytics PAL systems manual only includes the Pal Loader Version 1.1.1 which does not seem to be very helpful . Will reinstalling the software help? Is there anything that we can do in the Autosampler controller to fix the problem?

We recently changed the elastic-cord next located next to the syringe but this did not solve the problem.
It is not clear if the lack of pre-cleaning affects the peak because we are injecting only our internal standard (local tap water) to make sure we have the right precision.

Our setting is a GC Pal autosampler version 6, a Thermo Finnigan TC-EA and a Delta V Plus with Isodat 3.0

Thank you and best wishes for 2013!


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