Hi Priscilla,

I personally like the Lyric line. It's a bit pricier than others I've
tried, but it's worth it because it's higher quality -- in particular, they
don't use millet in most of their mixes.  I especially like the Chickadee
and Woodpecker mixes, as well as Fruit and Nut.  I buy mostly at Guy's Farm
and Yard in Williston (put your receipt in the birdhouse at the register
and they donate a percentage to Audubon).

My only suggestion is to make sure any bags you purchase are less than 6
months old (there's a date stamped on the bottom seam of the bags)  I've
bought outdated bags that had gone bad/had moths in them.

Suet is also a great bet, especially in winter (high energy food) if you
don't have problems with starlings.  Attracts woodpeckers and nuthatches in

I also keep one nyjer thistle feeder out to attract finches.  And I
typically add some safflower seeds to my platform feeders (if there aren't
any in the mix I'm using) -- safflower is a favorite of cardinals.

Hope that helps!  Good feeding!

Miriam Lawrence