Hi VTBirders,

Since I haven't seen any listserv chatter yet for today, I figured I'd give
an update: A large group of birders migrated from the Champlain Bridge to
Port Henry in New York after the Pochard was reported there around
11:00-ish.  It was hanging close to shore, offering great views to the ~50
or so birders who were there.  The area we were viewing the Pochard from is
at Dock St, off of RT 9N in Port Henry.

Earlier in the morning, from DAR, most of the other recently reported
rarities were present, including the Tufted Duck, male Redhead, female
Canvasback, White-winged Scoter, female Barrow's Goldeneye, and several
male Barrow's/Common Goldeneye hybrids.  Also from DAR, and Iceland Gull
was seen flying north over the lake.

Sorry for the brevity of the report, but it's off to do some snowshoeing
after a very successful morning!

Good Birding,

Larry Clarfeld
Environmental Educator
Youth Birding Coordinator

North Branch Nature Center
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