Hello Vermont Birders:

With all due respect to those who posted previously, this looks like a Song
Sparrow to me. I would expect a Lincoln's Sparrow to show a more delicate
bill, less contrast/more subtle facial pattern, finer streaking below, the
streaking would be more cleanly restricted across the upper breast and down
the flanks and would have a nice warm, buffy background.

I suspect Lincoln's Sparrow comes to mind because the bird does not appear
to have a longish tail like a typical Song Sparrow. This bird is molting
its tail -- notice r1 or r2 coming in at about a quarter of its full

Song's Sparrows are highly variable in size across their range (thanks in
part to a number of recognized and yet-to-be described subspecies) so the
fact that this bird does not appear much larger than the neighboring ATSP
does not bother me much.

My two cents worth,

Eric Hynes