Escapism is a great word.  I think it's why some of us go birding.   
Of course, I know nothing of that.

Saw two Peregrine Falcons in Hinesburg today, all without causing an  
accident on 116.  I had to turn around several times in thick morning  
traffic to finally find a spot and pull off for a better look through  
bins, all while praying "don't be gone don't be gone".   Success!   
Perched on the tippy top of a dead tree, he gave a good look right in  
my eye, stretched his wings and flew over me heading due east.  Then,  
after beginning my way to work again, another Peregrine was chasing a  
savvy pigeon that dove smack into a brushy tree canopy, elluding  
capture.  My first Peregrines of the year: an exciting start to the day!


On Jan 9, 2013, at 5:02 PM, Thomas Berriman wrote:

> Two different NEK Audubon members at different locations in the  
> Kingdom reported today:
> 1 European Goldfinch  (Lyndonville coming to a feeder)
> 3 Ring-necked Pheasants ( Newport back yard)
> Both observers took pictures
> Lot of escapism going on (there's a new word for you) I guess at  
> some point these species will start breeding in the wilds of Vermont.
> At home 42 Mourning Doves and 26 Evening Grosbeaks are visiting daily.
> Tom Berriman