Thanks, Ian;
Can you describe the situation on the bridge? Is there a pedestrian walk?
How far is the walk to a bridge viewing location? Is the restaurant open for
business (coffee, lunch, restrooms?)?

Rich Guthrie
(thinking of making the trip, but concerned about the on-foot distance and

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Hello all,

I was not at Lake Champlain yesterday, but some folks have reported birds to

I have also had a request for birders to respect private roads and

At the Champlain Bridge there is a large parking lot opposite the Bridge
Restaurant.  [There is little parking at the Museum.]  DAR State Park has
plenty of parking if visiting that site.  Yesterday, from what I've heard,
the bridge was definitely the better of the two locations.  With the
southerly wind that is forecasted, and any light snowfall today should not
be enhanced by lake effect.

In addition to the Common Pochard a male Redhead and a female Canvasback
were seen, so care must be taken in identifying birds of this group.

Other ducks and gulls of interest that were seen included the following.
The numbers in parentheses are some of the numbers reported.

Gadwall  (2)
Black Duck  (310)
Mallard (720)
Black Duck x Mallard (3)
Mallard x Northern Pintail (3 males)
Green-winged Teal (1)
Common Pochard (1)
Ring-necked Duck (55)
Scaup (good estimate count: 1500 Lessers, 500 Greaters of which most were
females) White-winged Scoters (2 females) Common Goldeneye (2200) Common
Goldeneye x Barrow's Goldeneye (1) Barrow's Goldeneye  (2 males, 1 female)
Common Merganser (1500) Bald Eagle (15) Iceland (Kumlien's) Gull (1
Juvenile) Northern Pintail (1 male) Bufflehead (2) Herring Gull (12) Great
Black-backed Gull (5) Ring-billed Gull (25) Tufted-duck (I've seen no report
of it yesterday, thus far)

Also, three Hoary Redpolls were seen by one party.