An evening last month, just after we had put up our Christmas tree in a 
room with an exterior door with glass panes to the bottom, a small waif 
of an opossum stood on the rock stoop, front feet on a pane to be just 
tall enough to peer ... shyly, it seemed ... into the room at the warmly 
lit tree and those within.  It remained as if transfixed for some time 
in the glow from the tree's lights, as if from a certain Dickens tale.

We always have at least one winter opossum here in Cornwall that lives 
in the barn, often in the woodpile.  This chap is burrowed into some hay 
stored in with the chickens and geese, coming out some evenings for 
eating goose grain or foraging beneath the feeders. And yes, they do 
enjoy fruits and veggies.

Sometimes our dogs bark at them, but mostly they just treat them like 
any other of the barn folk.  If you find an opossum motionless, ragged 
and ill-looking .... most likely it is quite healthy and just being an 
opossum.  Turn your back for a while and it will have wandered away.  If 
you would like to hasten it along, I suggest carrying them with a snow 
shovel ... they typically take the ride quite quietly.


On 1/8/2013 7:14 PM, Jane Stein wrote: a
> Opossums are utterly harmless.  They are wanderers, so you may not see 
> it again.  But although this is common in early spring under a heavy 
> snow/ice blanket when food has become hideously scarce, it's a little 
> unusual for this early in winter.
> If it were me, I'd actually put out some stuff for it under the bird 
> feeder in case it comes back again-- they like things like lettuce, 
> fruit, veg, etc.
> Jane
> (Shoreham)
> On 1/8/2013 6:27 PM, Martha McClintock wrote:
>> I have been feeding birds for twenty years at my home and had a first
>> today.
>>   A very cold looking opossum spent about an hour under my feeder.  
>> There
>> really weren't that many spilled seeds but enough to keep him there.
>> I did a little research and it looks like they are not that bad a 
>> nuisance
>> (compared to my squirrels!!) but do you know of any reason that I should
>> try to discourage a return visit?
>> Martha
>> Westford