TO transition back to birds, we had 4 turkeys feeding at our deck a few
years ago during a heavy March snowstorm.  One feeder was on a pole and had
few seeds on the ground.  No problem.  We watched as one turkey jumped up
beside the feeder and slammed the feeder with the side of his head, thus
knocking seed to the ground.  He'd feed, then do it again, and again.  No
noticeable brain damage.  Turkeys are funny enough just standing there, but
this was worth a couple of circus tickets to see.

Bird alert:  John just called me to see a Song Sparrow under our feeder.
January thaw?

Barbara Brosnan

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Not that we should devote too much space about possums, but I thought you'd
like to know that apparently they can fly.  My parents have in their Conn.
backyard a large pole mounted feeder with a bag of suet hanging down from
one side, attached  with wire.  Several years ago, they were inside the
house after dark and heard a strange rythmic creaking noise, ree ree, ree
ree, over and over.  Dad grabbed a flashlight to look out the window, and
there, hanging from the wired suet was a possum looking right back at him
with a toothy little possum grin, gaily swinging on the wire.  He was even
pushing with his little legs at the far point of the arc like a kid on a
playset wanting to go higher!  For some time they watched him watching them
until Snap!  Off he sailed with the suet into the night.