Try the Eagleville Bridge. We always see them there. Park at the corner and 
look down the river. Or try driving along the river and look in the trees. 
We saw several in the area while doing the Salem, NY CBC.
Good luck,
Bonnie Dundas

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From: Courtney Appleyard
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Subject: [VTBIRD] Eagle seeking in Arlington/Shushan

I spent many hours driving around today looking for bald eagles based on 
many sighting reports from my local friends.   I have friends in Shushan who 
see them all the time, but they always seem to elude me when I am passing 
through...  I've also heard there is one cruising up and down 313 in 
Arlington quite regularly, so I decided to go on a little tour today.

While looking in a field I've spotted other raptors in before, a woman 
pulled over and asked if I was seeing anything good, and told me that on her 
road (Camden Valley Rd. in Shushan, right on the VT border)  there were 6 
bald eagles (2 adult and 4 juvenile) feeding on a carcass yesterday at the 
back of a field.   I headed over there, hoping to hit the jackpot, but not 
surprisingly, only a skeleton remained!   Then headed back to stakeout a 
dead deer I'd seen on the side of the road earlier (Juniper Swamp Rd.)  to 
find 2 red tails, and later a Coopers feeding.  But alas, no eagles...

I know they are seen quite regularly - just not by me apparently!  If anyone 
local has any feeding frenzies or sites to report where they reliably hang 
out, could you please post here?

Getting frustrated in Manchester....