One more recommendation that folks read Bridget Skutchbury's 2007 book
Silence of the Songbirds.  The book is good science and covers information
that relates to much of our discussion on VTBIRD.   I reviewed the book in
an article in Otter Creek Audubon's "Otter Tracks."  You can find the review
in the OCAS website "Otter Tracks" archives.  If anyone wants to borrow my
copy, let me know!


I thought my indoor/outdoor cat was just catching voles and mice and not
birds.  However, when we saw him quickly and quietly catching and eating
fledgling song sparrows, we decided to keep him indoors.  No problem.  He
was content and lived to 22 years old, diabetes and all. 


I am glad we are having this open discussion about our human interactions
with wildlife.


Barbara Brosnan