Ooops.  I didn't notice Richard had sent this directly to me.  Here's 
what I just emailed back to him.


That's good info, Richard.  Thanks for locating it and posting.

Much more useful, I hope you agree, than "cats are murdering wildlife at 
an incredible rate," and but it's rodents and robins, and it's mostly 
feral cats.

I agree this needs a bunch more careful study to really get a handle on 
the true extent of the problem.

I disagree with you, though, I think, both on the relative ease of 
controlling outdoor cat populations, both feral and housecat, and on the 
idea that we should maybe just give up on the more important stuff 
because that's even harder.

For sure, as I said, I would not be opposed to trying to get some sort 
of local ordinances on the subject in the suburbs or less dense urban 
areas where people are likely to let their cats wander through other 
people's yards, etc.  But whether it could be enforced and/or how much 
good it would do I'm dubious about.  At least it would give people 
something to pressure their neighbors with, so maybe that's something.

But animal control officers I've talked to react with horror to the idea 
of having to enforce any kind of rules when it pertains to cats because 
it's so incredibly difficult and time-consuming.  Many towns in fact 
forbid their ACOs to have anything to do with cats, and I know one in 
another state who was severely reprimanded and almost fired for taking 
the time to rescue some kittens thrown in inflated plastic bags into a 
local pond to drown slowly.  So there's that, too.

If you decide to try, I wish you luck and I'm willing to help if I can.

Despite some tempers flaring here and there, I think, I hope, this has 
been a useful discussion.  Too often, such things just end up being cat 
lovers versus cat haters and nobody learns anything they didn't already 

So thanks!