"Let's not forget that cats are only doing what comes naturally.  To talk of "eliminating" them or "run them down on foot picking up rocks and throwing the whole time" is not only cruel and inhumane, but illegal!"

Sorry Pamela my post sounded so inhumane. As a 20 year long vegetarian, PETA member and (someone who doesn't even own leather shoes, belt or wallet) I accept and understand the need for some species in our natural world to be 'managed' either through hunting or other forms of control. The 135 million  cats (Wisc. Study)  that are an 'invasive' species (out of doors) need to be managed.
I will continue to chase any cat that wonders onto my property and throw anything I happen upon to scare it off. Maybe that is why I have only seen a cat twice in 10 years.

Perhaps I am only doing what comes 'naturally' to me as one more species on the planet.

As an Audubon chapter president and board member the last 11 years, I have lectured and posted dozens and dozens of informational suggestions and guides on dealing with the invasive species of cats. I will continue to do so at every opportunity. However as I stated before:

Cat owners do not get to have it both ways, Cats are either 'wildlife' or pets and what happens in the 'wilds' stays in the wilds.