Appreciate Tom's great pictures.   Thanks.

I've seen many of these birds in the ponds in Hyde Park, London -- thousands of people picnic-ing and strolling about without paying any attention.  It's wonderful to see one of their number getting such recognition on our side of the pond.  

Here's the headline -- Prince Pochard Pops Pupils in the Provinces (potentially)

Scott Sainsbury

PS -- my recollection was that Tufted Ducks were often present with the Pochards.  Hmm.

On Jan 6, 2013, at 7:33 PM, William Perry wrote:

> Tom Johnson is now hedging on his observation about the Common 
> Pochard.  The standard should be wild until proven otherwise; there is 
> no evidence that this rarity that Sandy probably deposited in the USA is 
> of captive origin.  Lesson from this event - don't post non-factual 
> information!  Enjoy the beautiful bird!!!
> NYSbirders,
> I appreciate Andy Guthrie for posting our observations of the pochard's 
> leg band earlier today. While watching the duck through my scope in 
> Port Henry, several of us thought that the band on the bird's right leg 
> appeared to be a white plastic-type band; however, analysis of photos 
> shows that it is apparently a metal ring of some kind. I don't know 
> what this means with regards to this individual's origin story, but 
> hopefully some further investigation of ringing practices of wild 
> pochards as well as aviculture-type bands will shed some light on the 
> matter. While the provenance of this bird is unknown at this point, 
> what is certain is that this is a fantastic looking duck and one surely 
> worthy of study.
> Additionally, the dynamic waterfowl scene around Port Henry/ Champlain
> Bridge is awe-inspiring right now.
> Chris Wood will add some photos of the pochard from Port Henry today
> (including some that show the leg band) here:
> Cheers,
> Tom
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> Tom Johnson
> Hummelstown, PA
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