yes, it was Great birding fun anyway and I only wish I spent more time 
meeting and visting with all the folks that I've never met but have seen their 
posts on Listserves : ( hopefully something else will show up like a Ross's 
Gull : )

Matt Orsie has 'blown up' one of the leg band photos and a few #'s may be 
Z35 0r 235. Does the report from Connecticut say that the owner/poultry 
raiser has the same type bands and if so what were the #'s of the escapee's 
band that 'fits the description" of the Champlain bird. I guess it's safe to say 
2,000,000 Ducks (pochards) fit the decription : ) Not just beating a dead 
horse but if the info is available send it along.

tom Berriman

From: *Christopher Wood*
Date: Monday, January 7, 2013
Subject: Re: [nysbirds-l] Common Pochard in NY/ VT - the band
To: nysbirds 

Good morning,

Tom, Jessie and I received some secondhand communications from 
that someone in New York did lose a Common Pochard that fits this