Yesterday I made the trip to Lake Champlain with neighbor Richard Foye.

Just offshore from the Dock Street Campground in Port Henry, NY, the Common Pochard was with a tight group of Ring-necked Ducks, Mallards, American Black Ducks, and three Redheads.

Whatever the outcome of the wild bird or escapee discussion (debate?), yesterday was a day of good birding, with thousands of waterfowl in the open waters of Champlain, beautiful views of Ring-necks and Redheads, and an usual bird that we ought to feel sorry for. Whatever the origin of the Pochard, it is unlikely to fulfill its function in life: keeping its presence in the pochard gene pool alive.

Light and distance made photography difficult, but I did manage a few documentary images which are posted at

Tails of Birding –

Chris Petrak
South Newfane, VT