Hi VT Birders -

The annual winter bald eagle survey begins today, and we're looking for a few more volunteers to cover some of our standardized routes.  Information on the survey and a list of routes is below.

Bald eagle populations are increasing all over New England, including Vermont, which now hosts 13 breeding pairs.   Audubon VT coordinates our state's winter eagle count with State Wildlife Grant funding from VT Fish & Wildlife Department.  This survey is part of a nationwide mid-winter Bald Eagle count to monitor wintering populations of eagles (for more info, go to:

The 2013 Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey is held from Wed, 2 January 2013 to Wed, 16 January 2013 with target dates of Saturday - Monday 5-7 January 2013 for the Lake Champlain Region, and Saturday, 12 January 2013 for the CT River region.

Routes we still need coverage for:

-          Lake Champlain Islands (Sandbar to Rouse's Point)

-          Winooski River (Headwaters to Waterbury)

-          Winooski River (Waterbury to Lake Champlain)

-          White River (Sharon to mouth at CT River)

Please email me directly (off the list serve) if you are interested in covering a route.  Thanks!


Margaret Fowle
Conservation Biologist
Audubon Vermont
255 Sherman Hollow Rd
Huntington, VT 05462
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