Let's not forget that cats are only doing what comes naturally.  To talk of "eliminating" them or "run them down on foot picking up rocks and throwing the whole time" is not only cruel and inhumane, but illegal!  Please do not  punish the felines because of the ignorance or indifference of their owners.  Try to have a conversation with neighbors.  If you have it give them literature about the health and benefits of keeping cats indoors.  Try to keep feeders in areas where there is no cover for a cat to hide, etc.  If feral or stray cats are problems please call your local humane society.  They may be willing to humanely trap the offender(s) and bring them to the shelter. I agree that cats should be kept inside whenever possible.  I have 3 
myself, all indoors, and all very much cherished.  I also have feeders, 
and a neighbor cat that I have to occasionally shoo away.  I do take 
precautions and keep my feeders in the open and so any ground feeding 
birds have a fighting chance.  Walking my dogs on our property several times a day helps keep cats away too.  Thank you!!  Pam

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I too strongly support keeping cats indoors for their own protection and that of wildlife. No one has mentioned the program and materials available from the American Bird Conservancy We too have gone through the frustration of dealing with neighbors cats hunting birds at our feeders. Fortunately for us the problem has gone away but I know it is only temporary. A new neighbor, a new cat, and the problem is back. Maybe now is the time to try to change our laws? All of our talk on the list will make us feel better but let's use our energy on our local and state legislatures. Many more feel the way we do. Lets protect the cats by keeping them indoors. What domestic animal should reasonably be allowed to roam at will? How many times to we have to repeat the problems associated with introduced species to know we have to stop.
Marv Elliott

Marvin Elliott
Vermont Birdhouses and Wood Products
Rutland Town, VT
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"My point in all of this, expressed badly apparently, is simply to ask
people to keep this in perspective.  Cats kill lots of birds and small
mammals, but every study we have in this country that I've seen, it
turns out that those birds and mammals are overwhelmingly common species
that are abundant and in no danger whatsoever."

Thank you Veer for posting this report  and to all the contributers with their comments today.   I was just going to do the safe thing and watch the fireworks from the sideline but what the heck, I've got 2 cents worth. Kevin is exactly right..he should have some recourse for dealing with feral and house pets invading his property. I believe Fish and Wildlife allows for the elimination of nuisance wildlife (bears, turkeys, deer etc,) that continually damage a farmers crops. Pet owners have to choose wether their cat is 'wildlife' or house pet, they don't get to have it both ways. As wildlife when those pets don't come home because they've been eliminated while being part of the natural wildlife order (by whatever or whoever) then those pet owners should accept and understand that outcome.

I've come to have an understanding with mice. They get all of the outdoors and my barn. If they come in the house depending on what kind of mood I'm in, they may be trapped in a 'havaheart' cage and transported miles away or they may be stuck in 'glue traps' and then drown. With cats (and I've only seen 2 in 10 years on my 13 acres) we go to war. I will run them down on foot, picking up rocks and throwing the whole time.

But I do take some issue with the above statement. I don't care that there may not be a study showing some of our common species in decline and in danger because of cat predation. It's almost like saying, keeping things in perspective: there are 7 billion common humans, they are abundant and in no danger whatsoever if a million or 2 million of them die from a cause that could have been prevented. I do not mean to compare humans to birds or any other species... just that... because something is not in danger of extinction doesn't mean we shouldn't control the 'invasive' species that is preying on it.

oh well. sigh,
Tom Berriman