OK I live on the Batten Kill 0.7 miles from the New York state line.  I see eagles many times through-out the year.  One of the best spots is where the Green River flows into the Batten Kill.  The best approach to cross the river via the covered bridge and turn left.  The eagles have been seen by the river at the farm on your right and I have seen an eagle a couple of times on the green river (turn onto Sandgate Road and travel a couple of hundred yards.  I have occasionally seen an eagle from my office which faces the Batten Kill.  The best time to observe?  I don't know that answer.

One last suggestion, go into Wayside Country Store and ask Doug about eagle sightings.  There are usually one or two people there who had seen an eagle recently.  


Bob in West Arlington

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> If you go to the covered bridge, about a quarter mile to the west is a large cottonwood tree. I often see them in that tree. It is a bad spot on the highway though as there is no sizeable shoulder. They are tough to spot from the dirt road in that tree but if you look hard enough, sometimes you can. Kevin
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>   Bonnie - yes, this is what I've been doing - normally it's because I'm passing through or visiting friends in Shushan - but yesterday I looked specifically for hours...  hawks seem to be omni-present for me (in that area and my own yard!)  but the eagles seem to hide from me and sit out in the open for everyone else!   Will continue the quest!