Fellow Medlibbers--

Okay, I've recently came across this.  Lippincott (aka Ovid, aka Wolters Kluwer) has  published this book without including the references.  To get the references, one must go online using the scratch off code intended for individual use. Of course, before it hit the shelf, a graduate student checked out the book and wanted to look at the references.  I contacted customer service at Lippincott (Wolters Kluwer) and was told I could use the code on the "honor system".  I asked if she would provide that in writing and she declined.  Have others been told to use the "honor system" for this type of content?  How does that work?

I've had my issues with Elsevier and their additional content online for individual users, but I have not encountered where an integral part of the book is not included in the print copy.  At the very least, I think the publisher should make that information very clear to libraries, i.e., you may pay $250 for our book in print but you won't have access to the references.  Is this the new norm?  The 6th edition of this title included references.  I'm mad and I'm not going to take it anymore!  --I wish :)


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