We have Clinical Key. When we switched from MDC to CK we noticed that
there were approximately 8 books in MDC that weren't in CK.  We only
subscribed to regular MDC not any of its specialties so your content may
vary. I don't remember the exact titles because we have since taken them
out or unlinked them in our catalog.  

Searching for SPECIFIC books within CK is a pain. It just isn't as
organized as MDC. Additionally you can't search for a specific title or
author.  You end up searching the contents of the entire collection.
Really all you have is their A-Z title list to browse and there is very
poor consistency with how they treat the titles and authors within CK.
Some books list the author with the title, the others don't.  Then you
have areas where clearly the information didn't come through.

Abeloff|||s Clinical Oncology. Replace the | with a square (if you are
IE) or ? (in Firefox) 
Gray's Basic Anatomy (as appears in IE, fine in Firefox)

Clearly when they loaded the title the system didn't know what to do
with an apostrophe and nobody bothered to check if it is displaying
properly in various browsers.  

When you have close to 1000 titles you really need some good way to have
an author/title search box for texts.

The biggest problem we keep in encountering is the requirement to have a
personal login for printing/viewing the PDF of books.  You can view the
HTML without a personal login but you cannot view the PDF.  It is very
annoying to our users and we get several calls/emails each day asking
how to access the PDF of a chapter.  They don't like it.

By all rights, access has improved a bit to the books.  Before they made
changes, you used to have to have a personal login to view the PDFs of
both journal articles and books.  Now it is just the PDF of books and
they now funnel you to the HTML first.  In the past you clicked on a
book and got a login box almost right away and that made it look like
you didn't even have the book in the first place.  I personally wish
that Elsevier would figure out a better way to deal with the piracy of
their books rather than force institutions to have the users use a
personal login for PDF access.

First Consult is wrapped into Clinical Key.  I have had to explain this
to several of my users because they are VERY used to just clicking on FC
and searching.  Now they have to go to CK, create a search, then click
on the FC button on the left to narrow results down to just

The other important thing to consider right now is that FirstConsult is
available as an app.  Users with ClinicalKey can still use that app
right now.  However, there is no app for ClinicalKey.  My hope is that
they figure out mobile access to FirstConsult or Clinical Key before
they pull the plug.  

Those are some of the biggest differences/changes that I have noticed.
I am sure there are others I haven't covered.  

Michelle Kraft, MLS, AHIP
Senior Medical Librarian
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My problem with ClinicalKey is that it's coming with a slew of journals
resources that are irrelevant.  I don't want to pay for things I'm not
going to use.  Not all of the resources in MDConsult get used either,
the price for the product is cheaper than getting subscriptions to each
the journals that do get used separately.

I think ClinicalKey is okay; I don't use MDConsult on rounds and
don't foresee using  ClinicalKey either.  I mainly use the product as a
database and I assume, that if I make the switch to ClinicalKey, I would
use it the same way.

I love the journal collection in MDConsult, but there is no way my
can afford ClinicalKey.  As it is, I had to negotiate my MDC renewal
year to keep from tipping the scales on my budget.  I have said to every
rep I can find that they need to break it into packages.  I don't need
access to specialties like peds, optho, psych, etc, but I REALLY don't
to lose access to the journals and ebooks I have and that get a lot of

Elizabeth Laera
Medical Librarian, McMahon-Sibley Medical Library
Princeton Baptist Medical Center

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 3:42 PM, Peg Allen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Any news about Nursing Consult or what will be included in Mosby's
> Suite?  With the big push for Clinical Key at MLA last year, none of
> Elsevier reps that the NAHRS/MLA Research Committee worked with for
> database access to compile the NAHRS 2012 Selected List of Nursing
> Journals<
> >was
> available. Also, no events related to their nursing products.
> In one of the links just found for Nursing Consult via a Google search
>, Mosby's Nursing
> Consult
> is not a link.
> NAHRS members not on MEDLIB:  The discussion started with this
> from Mollie Titus:
> ...I JUST received my email "alert" from Elsevier re: MDC is going,
> gone... Shouldn't be surprised, but still...
> So say they..."The functionality of MD Consult will only be updated
> Dec. 31, 2013, and content will only be updated until access to MD
> for North American institutional subscribers ceases completely on Dec.
> 2014."
> But as far as Clinical Key content goes, don't you get all of what is
> currently contained in MDConsult + First Consult +...whatever else?
> Mollie
> I'm trying to keep up with what each major vendor offers for nursing &
> allied health, but it isn't easy....
> Thanks much - Peg
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Elizabeth Laera
Medical Librarian, McMahon-Sibley Medical Library
Princeton Baptist Medical Center

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