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Hoping that someone has a recent copy of the AABB Standards for Perioperative Autologous Blood Collection and Administration and is willing to check on something for my requestor. 

We use the Ortho/PAT device for autologous blood transfusion during and after orthopedic surgeries. The question concerns infusion rates and timing. The device manufacturer states that the infusion must be completed within 6 hours from the start of blood collection. However, the blood that is being returned to the patient has been processed, resulting in a more concentrated product. Our current practice is to collect during most of the operative time and to begin infusing toward the end of the 6 hour period. Our clinical educator is concerned about negative impacts on osmotic pressures as we push to complete the transfusion within the allotted time period and is looking for information that either supports this practice or recommends a different approach - such as transfusing smaller amounts more frequently. I have scoured the literature and the web and have seen references to this publication's standards but no details about the best transfusion approach. 

Is this particular aspect / question of perioperative autologous transfusion specifically addressed in the standards? or are they simply descriptive, leaving the details up to the individual organization? Both my requestor and I appreciate any info you can provide. 

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