Wanting to follow up in advance of our meeting this Friday to share with you all the three proposals I have received from groups looking to get/keep/expand their space here in the Davis Center.

Please see attached from LivingWell, UVMtv, and Career Services. 

I would ask that you keep this information private as these proposals and the fact of shifting tenant spaces are not fully public yet.  As you know, the bank space is open.  At the end of the spring the Underground Copy location will close down so that location along with the bank area is being looked at for a new Career Services outpost location.  LivingWell has been very pleased with their location and are looking to expand into the current UVMtv space.  UVMtv is looking to make a case as to why they should remain in their space rent free.  In addition to these three internal ideas, we have continued to look at the viability of an outside hair cutter/salon type operation being here.  There are no current proposals for this but it remains an idea that we could discuss along with any other ideas you all may have.  Lastly, the Growing VT location has decided to close at the end of the semester so that will be  something more we can discuss.



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