Friends - 

I have heard back from a number of you.  Let's meet from 3:30 - 4:30 PM on March 1 in the Boulder Room, Davis Center.  Allen and I want to get your feedback about tenant spaces in the building looking ahead to next year.  I apologize for the Friday afternoon meeting time but we are trying to move things along and the following week is spring recess.

Allen should be sending you an email with attachments on Monday that details proposals for spaces next year.  Please keep these proposals in confidence as we are not sure how far and wide these ideas have been discussed.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Allen or myself.

We hope to provide a brief overview at the meeting of past efforts to solicit external tenants as part of the discussion for the 3 proposals from UVM folks.

Thanks for your time!


Patrick Brown
Director of Student Life and the 
Dudley H. Davis Center
(802) 656-2060

The Department of Student Life's mission is to foster an inclusive culture of student leadership development, community involvement, and programming in order to develop a socially just community of lifelong learners.