Hello All!!

Here are EWB notes if you were unable to make the meeting tonight!   
Hope everyone has a good break!


EWB Notes

UNH update
	Tom- needs to be harassed (falsely promised to attend)
	Northeastern, Portland Maine
	good connections
	North Eastern March 22nd 23rd. Boot Camp: how to start a project.  
Email to come.

PWW update-  project is submitted
	need to formally accept Jammin's project
	but first need to close previous project

Oven Project Update-  need to close project (within the next month)

Treasury update
	proposed budget is available( needs to be accepted)
	Brittany will go check tomorrow

Banquet Update
		Props to Anna!! lots of donations (a book)
		Donations and door list on google docs
		Still places to visit. feel free to add!
		Splash? $600 for the room. Going for it!
		$25-30 per person for catering(better food)
		any feedback?
	Set Date:   Friday April, 12 2013 approximately 6:30-7:00pm start
	Guest Speaker: PWW guest speaker.
	Next: need to make invitation and invitation address
		need to get head count
		Set RSVP date
		spread sheet on googledocs

	order forms made- way to go Baxter!
	hand out to friend!!

EWB advertisement
	submit slide to Votey for live feed

Ski night at Bolton!!! Wednesday Night -Saturday March 13th, 2013
	Let's do it!

	Who ever drinks the soup gets the bucket