Please join us next Friday, March 1 at Noon in Given Courtyard S359 as we welcome our guest speaker, David Williams, PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.  David has returned to complete his doctoral studies after 25 years as a consultant in organizational change in healthcare, service and government organizations, with an emphasis on data-based decision making, knowledge uptake, lean methods, and systems theory. He is the published author of Mining the Middle Ground: Developing Midlevel Managers for Strategic Change (St. Lucie Press (CRC), 2000), Quality Improvement Projects, Making Them Work (QTC Publications, 1991), Guidelines for Major Improvement Projects (Department of Justice internal publication, 1998) and other works.  A complete CV is attached.


David will be presenting “Geographic Clustering of Adverse Birth Outcomes in Ontario: Counter-Intuitive Findings”.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Sylvie Frisbie

Program Specialist

Center for Clinical and Translational Science

College of Medicine – Given Courtyard S461

89 Beaumont Ave. Burlington, VT 05405