Award Winning Film on Human Trafficking

The Story of Child Prostitutes from Burma

"Sacrifice counterpoints tales of four young prostitutes with mesmerizing
images:  a woman standing in a door frame awaiting her fate
juxtaposed with farmers cultivating the fields.

The images make a poignant plea for survival,
both of the exiled women and the tormented land."

                                                 — Sundance Film Festival

Gold Apple
National Educational Film Festival

Golden Spire Award
San Francisco International Film Festival

"Sacrifice offers a view of the terrible odds faced by women born into poverty
where the only commodity for sale are their bodies.

These are complicated stories that get beneath tabloid headlines to capture,
with great visual invention, the dignity and damaged nobility of young Burmese

The lives of these women are revealed to be the stuff of fairy tale…
the magic goes bad and the witch, the ogre, and the monster win the day
in this chilling view of sexual exploitation…one we have never seen before."

                                                                     — San Francisco Bay Guardian


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