Hello Vermont Birders:

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Red Crossbill call notes yesterday
morning as I took my dog for a walk around the meadow shortly after
sunrise. I looked up and spotted two birds continuously calling as they
passed overhead going roughly southwest. I wasn't quick enough to record
them and match them to call type but they sounded like "call notes #2 from
NY" on my Sibley app. They were a new "yard" bird so I was pleased but no
sign of them since.

A flock of ~55 Bohemian Waxwings passed overhead as well on the walk. A
number of times this winter, I have caught a similar sized flock of BOWA
passing overhead after sunrise. They are always coming from the SE and
heading WNW. It is as if I am in the flyway of their daily commute or

Like others, I have lucked into small flocks of Pine Grosbeaks several
times while running errands in South Burlington the last two days. I have
yet to see an adult male this winter.

The number of Common Redpolls visiting my feeders has dropped from a high
of over 300 (around Christmas) to less than 20 lately.

Good birding,

Eric Hynes
Hinesburg Village