Ron Payne and I surveyed the southern Lake Champlain waters north of the 
edge of ice from two locations today.  Viewing was good, except snow 
showers limited the distance we could see.  At Turkey Lane we arrived at 
the same moment as a class from northeastern Addison County's Hogback 
Community College taught by Jim Andrews.  The six students got to see a 
splendid, colorful variety of waterfowl!


The combined counts from the two sites, excluding double counted birds are:

Lesser Scaup ---- 1384
Common Goldeneye ---- 936
Mallard ---- 465  (including two nearly all white leucistic Mallard-type 
Greater Scaup ---- 403
Canada Geese ---- 404
Black Duck ---- 57
Common Merganser ---- 20
Northern Pintail ---- 4 (Two females, two males ... Turkey Lane)
Ring-billed Gull ---- 3
Bald Eagle ---- 3 (Two adults, one immature ... Turkey Lane)
Greater White-fronted Goose ---- (Two adults in with Canada Geese .... 
Turkey Lane)
Redhead ---- 2 (Adult female, adult male  ... Turkey Lane)
Canvasback ---- 1 (Adult female)
Hooded Merganser ---- 1 (Male)
Glaucous Gull ---- 1 (All white with slight trace of light buffy spots 
on breast;  ... seen from private residence south of Turkey Lane)
Great Black-backed Gull ---- 1

Clicker count by individuals of all scaup.  Most were Lessers, but there 
were clusters of Greaters here and there.  Our estimate of percent of 
each was:  20% Greaters, 80% Lessers.