Yesterday Ali Wagner, Ron Payne and I took advantage of dead-calm waters 
and nearly identical air-water temperatures to enjoy Lake Champlain 
birds from a bit south of Turkey Lane to Kellogg Bay (four stops).

The birds were widely scattered from the shores and coves to the 
expanses of open water, and on floating slabs of ice.  The largest 
numbers and greatest variety were viewed from Turkey Lane, which also 
surprised us with a trilling Screech Owl.  A Glaucous Gull was amidst 
other gulls on a lengthy ice slab far from shore - t'was a most 
handsome, all-white, very large gull as it flew with grace and power 
from one slab to another.

Lake birds seen:

Common Loons .... 2
Canada Geese .... small group overflight
Mallards  (including one of the two mostly white females that have been 
seen regularly)
Black Ducks
Gadwalls .... 2 males
Northern Pintails .... male and female
Redheads .... male and female
Canvasback .... female
Ring-necked Ducks ... 3 sleeping males
Common Goldeneyes
Barrow's Goldeneye X Common Goldeneye .... male
Lesser Scaups
Greater Scaups .... more abundant than the Lessers
Hooded Mergansers
Common Mergansers

Ring-billed Gulls
Herring Gulls
Great Black-backed Gulls
Glaucous Gull .... adult
Bald Eagles .... 8 overall

Raptors to and from:

Red-tailed Hawks .... 6
Rough-legged Hawks .... 2
Northern Harriers .... 2
Merlin .... 1


Two individual Northern Harriers, at hunted at locations (Button Bay 
Road, Ferrisburgh and Lemon Fair Road, Weybridge)