If you didn't see everything you wanted in the Great Backyard Bird Count, you may want to take a look at these on Vermont Public Television:

Feb. 20: Wednesday at 7 p.m. on "Bird Tales," host Willem Lange meets bird enthusiasts who reveal fascinating stories.  Sarah Zuccarelli, who lives at a bird sanctuary in Center Sandwich, N.H.; Don Kroodsma, a birdsong expert from Massachusetts; Abraham Hunter, a 16-year-old in Illinois who shares his birding experience through art; an inmate in a New Jersey prison who shares his passion for birds with other inmates and correctional officers; and school children in Nicaragua and Washington, D.C., who are part of Bridging the Americas, a migratory bird education and conservation program.
            At 8 p.m., "Nature" brings back "A Murder of Crows," featuring research that shows crows are among the most intelligent animals in the world, able to use tools as only elephants and chimpanzees do, able to recognize each other's voices and 250 distinct calls.


Ann Curran