Susan's experience/approach is pretty similar to mine.  I teach them and
work with them.  Most of them have done the preliminary searches or are more
than willing to slog through the results I send them, and we hone the
results together.  We have sufficient staff to support document retrieval
and we do that for staff pursuing degrees, just as we do it for residents,
fellows, and any other member of the staff.

Assumption 1: We're talking about research that's relevant to our patients
and mission.  I don't think anyone has come in trying to "take advantage" of
my giddy love of Boolean logic.
Assumption 2: We're talking about students who have hashed out the scope of
their project with their teachers/academic advisors.  I have had a couple of
students with research topics that were all over the place, and while I
talked to them about search strategies and resources, I also gently directed
them back to their instructors.

My experience has been that the people here are committed to the mission--
they're trying to contribute to the body of knowledge that will help our
wounded warriors heal.  They're trying to do it on a tight schedule and a
crazy bureaucracy.  So I'm happy to jump in, it's why I'm here.

I understand that some places don't have the resources to do that, and I'm
grateful that (even though we're REALLY short staffed right now), I can
still lend my expertise.

Ann M. Holman, MLS 
Acting Director
Darnall Biomedical Learning Resource Center
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Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda MD
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I think we should note that this conversation started with a story where a
DNP student met with her librarian to find out how she should work with the
librarian. She did not meet with the librarian expecting the librarian to do
all her searches or type her papers, etc...

When it comes to students, I teach them and work with them. Sometimes, a
search is just too complicated to expect a student to do it on their own. I
once spent three hours working with a student on a very complicated search
and she had certainly tried first on her own. However, when it comes to
truly complicated searches, like those supporting systematic reviews, I go
ahead and do the searches whether they are for students or staff or faculty.

If one of the things we use to promote our services is that we have
expertise and can save health professionals time, can we really blame them
when they contact us to take advantage of our expertise and save them time?
If we have the opportunity to show our expertise to students, doesn't that
increase the chance that when those students become professionals they will
demand the services of a librarian from their institution? One of the things
I say in class is, "please, remember this when you become a professional and
if you wind up somewhere that does not have a library or a librarian,
advocate for one." That student I spent three hours with - she is now an
assistance head of research at her hospital and a huge library advocate.
Because of her, they have increased their budget for library materials and
have involved the library more deeply in training new nurses and I teach a
CE on searching at their conferences.

When we talk about time, I think it is important to talk about it in the
sense that our expertise allows us to search more quickly rather then allow
the attitude - they are too busy and we are not - to fester.

Anyway, that is my two cents or three or four.

Susan Fowler, MLIS
Medical Librarian

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Becker Medical Library, Washington University in St. Louis
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On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 8:48 AM, Deane, Paul <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> One of my nurses just started on her doctoral program.  Her advisor 
> told her to partner with her librarian because a doctoral student 
> would not have the time or the expertise to do literature searches.  
> The nurse came to meet with me to find out how she needed to work with 
> me during her multi-year program.
> Thanks,
> Paul Deane
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