At least one nurse manager is reading this article - I ILLed it for her a couple weeks ago.

As a "brag" of my own, a few weeks ago some scientists I serve at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asked permission to acknowledge Dana Abbey of the NN/LM Midcontinental Region; Karen Dahlen, a librarian turned consultant who is working to get library services for public health departments; and I, once their article is published.

Date:    Thu, 31 Jan 2013 13:43:10 -0600
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Subject: a brag!

A team comprising APNs, a pharmacist, a respiratory therapist, nurses, and
physical therapists here developed a new early mobility protocol for our
patients in the ICU and intermediate care units.  They presented it at a
critical care meeting, and an editor at Physical Therapy journal was so
impressed he asked them to write it up as a formal article.  They did.  I
did the lit searches and the manuscript prep for it, and the February 2013
issue of the journal (print copy!) landed on my desk today.  There is much
high-fiving, hugging, and delighted relief around here today!  I was happy
to bestow the print issue on the lead author to be eternally cherished.

Drolet, A et al. "Move to Improve: the feasibility of using an early
mobility protocol to increase ambulation in the intensive and intermediate
care settings."  Physical Therapy 93(2): 197-eoa, 2013 February.

Yes, my name is buried in there among the acknowledgements... and I got a
very nice bottle of Riesling out of it too.

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