I, too, assist nurse-employee students in their literature searches, obtain articles for them, and do 1:1 tutorials.  I consider it a great step to building a relationship with individuals and departments, and (I hope!) improving some aspect of patient care. 

That said, I also emphasize that they should first go to their school library and librarian for help. I think schools have a moral and ethical first-line obligation to support these students.  After all, the students are paying Big Bucks for their education and library services. Student-employees at for-profit schools tell me they do not have the kind of library services they need to be able to use databases, search, and obtain resources.  I wonder if some of these schools feel they can "dump" these educational responsibilities on hospital librarians.  Frustrating; but the joy is, I get to work with highly motivated nurses!

Sue Shelly 
Librarian, John C. Lincoln Health Network
Phoenix, AZ

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I certainly agree that tutorials in searching should be offered to those who are interested in learning basic as well as more advanced techniques.  And if you are part of an academic health center, teaching search skills is part of the job description, I'd suppose. But in a community hospital or other stand-alone or smaller institute, I consider our library to be the same as any other special library, and I'm there to help my patrons find the information they need in order to do their job better and more efficiently.  
I wouldn't have expected my users to do their own research when I was a pharmaceutical librarian in a J&J subsidiary (although of course some did), and I don't expect my physician and hospital staff to do their own research either (although again, many are adept and prefer to do their own when they have the time.)
Ardis Weiss
San Antonio Community Hospital


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(:) Just wondering.

Would we expect our physician or accountant or minister to teach us to fish? 

Paul Deane
Alexian Brothers Medical Library
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I think this goes to the old adage of teaching a person to fish rather than handing that fish over and sating their hunger for one day rather than giving them the tools that last a lifetime. I would much rather provide the tools and help the student hone them.

Just my two cents' worth.

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