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I've been meaning to post some TRs here for a little while, but unlike posting a few words and/or a photo to other social media, writing a TR actually takes some time and effort.  Don't get me wrong... I think Facebook is great, but I don't want to see it's convenience and ease of use completely supplant forums like this.  I've met a lot of great people related to this list, have enjoyed plenty of TRs from people I've never met, and really think this list offers something unique.  But, I think more and more, as other social media gain prominence, this list relies on people putting in the effort to make posts.  I am really grateful to those of you that do post regularly, and I hope this at least makes a little contribution to that effort...besides, I am still giddy from this morning and will take the distraction from work ;-)

2/16/2013 (Vermont, somewhere between Rt 2 and the Canadian border)... honestly, this story starts Friday night.  We were drinking some cans of reeb from the Alchemist and eating Chinese food, while making plans to head into the backcountry the following morning, and avoid the holiday weekend crowds.  My previous BC attempt the prior Sunday had left me at the workbench applying a lot of p-tex to my splitboard.  Let's just say I was in some bony woods.  The problem was,  that excursion was south of Rt 2. 

Go North was the cry!

One of our friends knew just the place.  A little more driving, a little further from Chit Co, but we had reason to suspect a solid base, and deep untracked pow. 

So the next morning I slowly got myself out of bed, prepared for the excursion (sorry for the delay, guys!), and then went to meet up with the rest of the crew.  We had a solid group assembled (Steve, AJ, Chris, Craig, and myself) with plenty of day ahead of us.  We consolidated cars and drove near to our destination. 

One problem... there was nowhere safe/legal to park.  Luckily, this was quickly remedied when a nice older Vermont couple let us park on their land. "sure, no problem."  Things were looking up.

The skin-in was long, but fairly mellow.  A few miles of gently upsloping/rolling terrain. 

And then...we arrived at our destination.  I think Steve likes what he sees.

wide open, untracked trees with a decent pitch as far as the eye could see.

We found the zone we liked best, set a decent skin-track (thanks for breaking most of the trail, Steve...but I mean you were the only one with Dynafits ;-) ) and we made our way to the top.  A celebratory topper and we were ready to reap the bounty.

"Hey look, a moose!"

the snow was deep and fluffy, and the base was much more solid than we had found further south.  We could really open it up here and not worry about catch stump and rocks on every turn.

We spent the next several hours lapping this zone.  With so much space, and no one else around, we could have all the fresh tracks we wanted until we ran out of stamina or daylight.

Craig getting after it:

yep, that looks good

And back up...A bite to eat, a few sips nubruob, and we were ready for more


and more

and more...

time to take it to the air



Send it, AJ

Finally our legs were getting tired and the sun was getting low so we made the trek out.  After one questionably covered frozen stream crossing, and a lot of skating we arrived back to the cars with daylight to spare.  A most excellent day spent with great friends, great weather, and great skiing and riding far away from the resort crowds.  In fact, we only saw a few other people the whole day and they weren't even riding the same ridge as us.

2/21/2013 (St'oh) Today was a different story.  While I love the peace, quiet, and tranquility you find out in the wilderness, there is something to be said for lapping run after untracked run of lift served powder.  We had heard for several days that there was going to be some upslope snowfall this week, but I am pretty sure today exceeded everyone's expectations.  With holiday hours in effect, the quad started spinning at 7:30 offering plenty of time to shred before before working in the afternoon.  One of the best things about upslope snow is that the mountain is getting nuked on while it's dry in Burlington. This means I could leave my house at 6:15, go full speed on dry roads, stop for a coffee and breakfast sandwich, and still be in line for first chair with plenty of time to spare.  I met up with Scott B and some other folks in the lift maze and headed straight for pow town. 

The winds had apparently picked up over night, because most of the exposed trails were lacking in the pow.  Fine by me, just means it all blew into the trees!  And pile up in the woods it did.  With a solid base at this point in the season, and thigh to waist deep fresh everywhere we went, today was easily the best lift served day of the year.  I had a lot of fun charging around the mountain with Scott B (out of uniform, so no restrictions on where he could go) and his buddy Charlie.  Riding with Scott is a lot of fun.  He loves taking photos, and is really quick about getting the camera out and the shot set up so you don't waste too much time.

He took some great photos, so I'll just let them do the talking:



Yep, that puts a big smile on my face!

Hope the rest of you have been able to enjoy the recent bounty as well.


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