Cool! We are headed there in a coupla weeks!!

Also check out Discovery Mtn and Montana ski bowl, while you are in

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> Montana, where the mountains are big, bold, and in your face. Lewis and
> Clark country. I skied Bridger on Tues and Wed. Tues. was a powder day with
> 8" new and to my great distress there must have been 1000 cars in the lots.
> I came to MT to get away from the powder locusts of UT. I shouldn't have
> worried. The mountain somehow swallowed them up. I found lots of untracked
> snow and no lift lines. There is plenty of groomed green and blue terrain
> on the lower mountain. But as you ride up on the admittedly long slow
> chairs it astonishes as it opens up and steepens. At the top of this huge
> fan shaped bowl is "the Ridge". You must enter through a control gate with
> an avalanche beacon, probe, shovel, and partner and convince a ski
> patroller that you have a big S on your chest. I used to have a small S but
> it has faded; and I promised my wife (and myself) that I'd no longer do the
> hairball stuff after turning 70. I found great deep wind deposited powder
> pockets in the trees on the sid!
>  e of the alpine lift. Alta fans will recognize the name, the three bears.
> It was just as good yesterday and almost nobody was there.
> In a Bozeman brewpub, a guy came up and introduced himself who I would
> have run from in DC. He looked like Jeremiah Johnson, from the movie, might
> have looked at 75. Rail thin, tall, buckskin clothes, a big cowboy hat and
> a stringy gray beard about 2 feet long. I'd earlier seen him at my motel.
> It turns out he is a dealer in western antiques and an auctioneer. He had
> noticed that i was alone and he didn't want me to feel alone. He wished me
> the best of luck in my life and in my quest, whatever it was. Now I'm in
> Missoula, which to my surprise is much like Boulder, lots of liberal bumper
> stickers on beat up subarus and lots of back to nature types on bicycles.
> Next I'll ski Lost Trail. People keep telling me about other western MT ski
> areas that I never heard of, like, Great Divide, Showdown, Blacktail...
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