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Denis Bogan wrote on 2/24/13 10:48 PM:

> On Sat I bid goodbye to my son, his wife, and my little granddaughter in
> Chicago and headed west for Montana. My granddaughter is 17 months old and has
> learned about everything she needs to know in life. She can walk, open doors,
> unlock cell phones and iPads and manipulate adults to do her bidding.
> Today I took a break at a highway rest stop in Blue Earth, MN. There were a
> few inches of new untrodden powder snow and a sign pointing to a bike trail.
> Idea; let's relieve the tedium of a long days drive and get a little exercise.
> Got my XC skis out of the rooftop box and booted up. The trail went about 100
> feet and turned into a plowed asphalt service road. So I went the other way
> into a small stand of trees and bushwhacked. There were rabbit tracks
> everywhere, easily recognizable by their apparent 3 footed gait. I found some
> fur with a bit of bloody skin attached and saw a bald eagle cutting cleanly
> through the air overhead. Beautiful. All to soon I was back on the road again.
> Tonight I'm in Rapid City, SD and tomorrow night I expect to be in Bozeman. On
> tues and maybe Wed I plan to ski Bridger Bowl.

You can feel the wind off the plains blowing through!

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